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Slim Jim Beef Jerky Review
Slim Jim Beef Jerky Review
Slim Jim Beef Jerky... My first thought after eating this was... I will have acid reflux for weeks! However to my surprise, Slim Jim Beef Jerky is not like the Slim Jim Beef Sticks!

When you look at the bag of jerky in person, you will notice it doesn't look greasy like its predecessor, Slim Jim Beef Sticks. This beef jerky is actually very tender and a little moist.. You can almost say its a little dry... But that would be overdoing it... Overall I found it actually very good!

If you have a sensitive stomach or are in fear of being beaten up by the Slim Jim spice... have no fear... Now you can eat without the heat! Satisfy those Slim Jim taste buds with some Slim Jim Beef Jerky and leave the water behind!

If you have not yet had a bag of Slim Jim Beef Jerky (particularly the Teriyaki) then you are definitely missing out. Another reason you will not be disappointed is because it is manufactured by ConAgra Foods... Which means it is manufactured by the best commercial jerky source around!

Overall the Slim Jim Beef Jerky gets a score of 4/5...

  • Purchasing Tips and Suggestions
    • Always squeeze your bag of jerky before you purchase!
      If air escapes the bag, it is not sealed and not fresh.

    • Jerky expires up to a year or longer after packaging.
      Avoid packages that expire in less than 60 days.

Slim Jim Beef Jerky

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